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Mediflex Quality

International Standards Organization

Mediflex, Inc. is a registered ISO 9001:2015 company.

Mediflex, Inc. manufactures replacement insertion tubes for all scopes including bronchoscopes, choledochoscopes, colonoscopes, duodenoscopes, gastroscopes, laryngoscopes, rhinolaryngoscopes, sigmoidoscopes, and ureteroscopes. Our proprietary tube coating is tougher and last longer than all other manufacturers’ base coating. Our coating is ISO 10-993 compliant and has been tested to withstand up to 600 cycles with hydrogen peroxide and all other sterilizers.


Olympus’ endoscopy insertion tubes are the perfect fit for your endoscope. Their product is widely tested and manufactured to the perfect specifications for each particular scope. When researching replacement insertion tubes, it is best to find a product as close to Olympus’ original specifications and quality as possible. Olympus will not sell you a replacement insertion tube, however they will replace the insertion tube during a full overhaul only. A full overhaul is very expensive. Replacement insertion tubes from Mediflex, Inc. offer a quality-matched product at an affordable price.

Our insertion tubes are manufactured to the highest standards of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Our proprietary tube coating creates the toughest, longest-lasting insertion tubes, even through rigorous sterilization processes. Mediflex, Inc. tube coating is liberally applied to seat the inner coil well against the tubing walls. Our tubes will resist leaks, splits, and buckling through hundreds of cycles. Mediflex, Inc. tubes are manufactured with dual-opposing flat coil springs, and provide the most durable and reliable progressive rigidity of any insertion tube available.

Replacement insertion tubes manufactured outside of the United States (typically, China) are not regulated or standardized by any governing organization. Foreign insertion tubes are manufactured using low-quality materials and will often leak, split, and buckle after only a few cycles. The inner coils of many of these tubes are poorly seated or reinforced in the tube’s coating. Many foreign replacement tubes also do not have dual-opposing flat coil springs. This leads to little or no progressive rigidity, or premature weakening of the progressive rigidity coils.

Simply put, Mediflex, Inc. endoscopy insertion tubes are the best replacement tubes you can buy. Our insertion tubes have always been 100% produced in the United States – right in our manufacturing facility in Rancho Cucamonga, California. We take pride in producing quality affordable replacement insertion tubes. We know you have many options for your healthcare facility. But you’ll never go wrong with a Mediflex, Inc. insertion tube…we guarantee it!

Product Testing

Mediflex, Inc. endoscopy insertion tubes are the best money can buy. If you are looking for the best replacement endoscopy insertion tubes available from a company that is ISO certified, Mediflex, Inc. insertion tubes are for you. Give us a call today and we’ll be happy to demonstrate the Mediflex, Inc. difference!

Testing Facilities

Advanced Sterilization Products – a Johnson & Johnson company
Mediflex, Inc. tubes were processed in the STERRAD® 100NX® Sterilizer for 25 FLEX Cycles, then returned to Mediflex, Inc. for functionality evaluation. The results proved conclusive for maximum compatibility for sterilization using the STERRAD® process.

Biological Test Center
Mediflex, Inc. tubes were tested for systemic toxicity, intracutaneous reactivity, and cytotoxicity. In addition to these tests, a Magnusson Kligman Maximisation Test was performed.  All tests passed well within range limits.

Steris Corporation
Mediflex, Inc. tubes were tested for compatibility with the STERIS PROCESS™ method of sterilization. Mediflex, Inc. tubes were found to be compatible with the STERIS PROCESS™ through 561 cycles without affecting device functionality.

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