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Since 1995, the sole purpose of Mediflex, Inc. was to manufacture the best endoscopy components that can be produced. From its earliest conception, it has performed with only the patient’s needs in mind. A patient about to have a procedure can be assured that quality in its raw material and the labor to produce them are made in the U.S.A.

Our coating system is ISO 10-993 compliant. Mediflex, Inc. is the only component manufacturer that has this qualification to date. Mediflex, Inc. follows the guidelines of the FDA for mucosal contact. Within our clean rooms, we produce products of unparalleled quality in all of our divisions of endoscopy including cardiology, urology, intubation, and gastrology.

It is our commitment and the very heart of the company to continually improve on what is already considered the best.

Mediflex, Inc. produces 100% American-made affordable, alternative endoscopy insertion tubes for the healthcare industry.
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